About my work
After years of intense dance work I’ve oppened my exploration field to other artistique forms, and have been investing myself since in writing, piano-compositions and singing.
My working procedure begins mostly with the written word, mainly poems, which then evolve through the music, instrumental and vocal, and the moving body, which transports, transforms and transmmits words and sounds in Now and Here space-time, into a „one“ performative poly artistic happening.
The multitude and the one, the self and the other, the artistique création and the language, are key thematics in my work.

2017 I’ve founded the association for polyartistic work „Regarding art“.

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Provisorische Autarkie
Obwohl man nicht unterschätzen darf
Die Ernsthaftigkeit
Des Wartens...
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Une grande assemblé

Une grande assemblé déambule dans ma chambre
Aussi sur le plafond
Aussi derrière le piano
De plus, elle est venue des époques différentes
Elle n’a pas de fin, cette assemblé...
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Meine Herren,
Mal wollte ich eben auch
eine große Suppe kochen mit Knoblauch und viel Gift...
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מתוך ”בנוגע לזולת”
לרגל הפתיחה
שני צעדים קדימה
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מתוך ”בנוגע לזולת”
ובפעם המאתיים שלושים ושבע
נפלטה לה אנחה
טוב אז לא,
היא חשבה ואמרה,
לנסות בשבוע הבא ?
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Choreography & Polyartistic work
Selected works

“Fast ein Wunder / Re-enactment Gertrud Kraus“ / 2019
Muk & Theatermuseum - Wien

Text, Music and Dance : Loulou Omer
Artistique collaboration : Goran Rebic
Tracing Gertrud Kraus, recollecting the remains out of evanescence, my mothers body dancing in the graling israeli sunlight, her voice recalling Gertrud...
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„…The vast land from which she comes“ / 2019 Wuk - Wien
Performance in an art film of Isa Rosenberger
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Hinsichtlich der Frage / 2017
Das Off Theater – Wien
Musik, Dichtung und Tanz: Loulou Omer
Bühne, Video: Eni Brandner
Sounddesign: Gustavo Petek
Kostüm: Cinzia Cioffi
Lichtdesign: Gerhard Grasböck
Photos:Thomas steineder
Existenzielle Introspektive und der zeitgleiche Drang zur extrovertierten Selbstdarstellung bilden den Ausgangspunkt für eine sinnliche Performance. Jenseits aller Genregrenzen werden durch Poesie, Tanz, Musik und visuelle Kunst Grundspannungen des schöpferischen Prozesses durchlebt und hinterfragt. Das „Ich“ wird in seinem beständigen Streben nach dem „Anderen“ ergründet.
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Qing - Video work
Choreography and performance in the Video work of the artist Simon Wachsmuth, "Body luggage" - Steirischer Herbst / 2016
„Qing“ zeigt die Bewegungslinie, welche eine Tänzerin vor einem schwarzen Hintergrund durch einen abgedunkelten Raum zieht. Es ist das Sinnbild einer Reise, einer Bewegung von Links nach Rechts, von Westen nach Osten. Auf dem Weg begegnen der Tänzerin enigmatische Objekte. Die Objekte sind Widerstände auf einem Weg der durchaus als Referenz auf die Lebensgeschichten von Avantgarde-Tänzerinnen aus den 1930ger Jahren zu verstehen ist. „Qing“ handelt einerseits von der tatsächlichen Entwurzelung von Körper(sprachen) als auch von jenen Verfolgten, die nicht fliehen konnten. Stellvertretend tritt die Tänzerin diese Reise im nachhinein an, auf einen imaginären Pfad in einem bezugslosen Raum. Ihr entgegen kommen die Gegenstände. Nicht nur Personen und ihre Körper unterliegen durch Migration Veränderungen, sondern auch die Gegenstände, die sie mit sich nehmen und denen sie begegnen: Die neuen Erfahrungen und Zusammenhänge verändern die Geschichte und damit die Bedeutung der Gegenstände.
Text: Simon Wachsmuth
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“Who is Loulou X“
A songspiel for a woman and a chorus
Musical Theater / 2015 / Berlin - Corbo
Concept and Text: Loulou Omer & Tal Omer
Music: Loulou Omer
Director: Tal Omer
Translation to german: Maimon Maor
With: Loulou Omer
Following the artists’ journey from Israel to Paris, Brussels, Vienna, and Berlin, this intimate political songspiel and musical theater performance unfolds across space and time through music, movement, song, and spoken word. In a tale weaving fiction with autobiographical reflection, Loulou X expounds on her passions of singing, dancing, storytelling, and piano playing while navigating the tricky terrain of the conflicts that often arise when seeking a sense of self in foreign lands--dancing between embodied and engaged cosmopolitan and existentially disenfranchised imposter. Where and who exactly is this “I” she seeks?

Goldilocks and The Three Bears / 2008
Theater parcours in turkish coffeehouses in Berlin
Kahvehane - Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Choreography: Loulou Omer
Performer: Kerstin Lang

A site-specific performance exploring the dichotomy of the foreign facing the familiar, the “Other“ confronting “me”. Placing the famed fairytale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears (with a bit of a reinvented twist) in the context of a Turkish Coffee House in Berlin, the performer, masked with a bear’s head, plays the role of Mama Bear--preparing porridge for her family. During these domestic activities representing nourishment, comfort, and safety, a recorded voice tells the story in German with a foreign accent, while some Turkish men (the foreigners) drink their tea and play dice. Questions of host and guest, privacy and invasion, tease out as new customers enter this unexpected performance space. Where is the line that unites a sense of welcoming with honoring privacy, while inviting a certain acceptance and reverence for this foreign other? Perhaps it’s just as simple as opening a window, or a door to remind us this sense of separation has it’s own elements of illusion.

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A Story of Murder / 2007
Dock11 - Berlin
Choreography: Loulou Omer
Music: J. S. Bach
Dancers: Melanie Lane, Loulou Omer
Guitar: Steve Gibbs
Set design: Paul Wenninger
Light: Benjamin Schälike

Punctuated by an unsettling set of harsh black and white angles, A Story of Murder explores the complexity of action, reaction, and consequence when the presence of the “Other” becomes unbearable. With Bach’s music for Lute as the visceral live soundtrack for a series of murderous acts, the duo of two nearly identical women play out a dance of death. Their proximity to the audience grows with each act of murder. It begs the question, when we kill, what are we really killing?

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Salle d'Attentes / 2004
Schauspielhaus - Wien and Mains d'Œuvres - Paris
Choreography and artistic direction: Loulou Omer
Music: Achim Tang
Dancers: Benoît Armange, Fabio Barad, Sonia Enquin, Stéphane Fesnard
Costumes: Cathy Peraux
Set design and light: François Marsollier
Video: Eni Brandner

Navigating the different facets of success and desire for success, Salle d’Attentes, takes the audience on a fantasied tour of space-time through the maneuverings of three men and a woman throwing themselves recklessly into the volatile and soul-depleting market arena. Waiting rooms and ladders ascending to oblivion offer projections of a loneliness confronted by its' own excavation. This isolation is simultaneously nourished and destroyed by the sparkling limelight of success and the wild pursuit it demands. An exhaustive to and fro-ing, choreographic casino of libidos results--a genuine tour de force of the internal conflicts that arise when the self is compelled by betrayal.

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Khalon Pour Quatre Femmes / 2002
Les Brigittines - Bruxelles
Künstlerhaus - Wien
Choreography and artistic direction: Loulou Omer
Music: Achim Tang
Danse: Caroline Grosjean, Loulou Omer, Sabile Rasiti
Singin: Margarete Jungen
Costumes: Cathy Peraux
Set design: Ricardo Cosendey, Cathy Peraux
light: Berno Deggelmann

Offering a journey throughout the imagery of the painter Y. Bergner, Khalon pour quatre femme exists within an evanescent world of the past and oblivion. Honest and raw research of the relationship between presence and absence unfolds through an elegy of ethereal figures--four women. A little family reveals itself among these women as the collective “uprooted us,” a timeless entity and haunting phenomenon in search of its’ existential anchoring, its’ history and identity. Marked by an undefined obstinacy, their search mirrors the devastated and strange qualities of their environment--an untold elsewhere.

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Le Temps Suspendu / 2000
Les Brigittines - Bruxelles
Künstlerhaus - Vienna
Choreography: Loulou Omer
Music: Yves Mora
Danse: Caroline Grosjean, Loulou Omer
Costumes: Cathy Peraux
Light : Florence Richard, Isabelle Van Peteghem

Diving further into this ambiguous and often enigmatic zone separating “me“ and “the Other,” Le temps suspendu examines the spaces between here and elsewhere. Bathed in crimson, the stage and dancers are imbued with a quiet yet urgent intensity. Two dancers and two musicians aim to capture this fugitive moment of suspension, like that of a pendulum, where momentum meets stillness.

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from "Fast ein Wunder / Re-enactment Gertrud Kraus"

from „…The vast land from which she comes“

from "Hinsichtlich der Frage"


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from "Who is Loulou X?"

from "Goldilocks and The Three Bears"


from "A Story of Murder"

from Salle d'Attentes

from "Khalon Pour Quatre Femmes"

from "Le Temps Suspendu"

Loulou Omer is a poet, musician, choreographer and dancer.
Born in Tel Aviv, she was living and working in Paris, Brussels, Vienna and Berlin. Since summer 2016 she is settled with her family in Vienna.

Fast ein Wunder / 2019 – polyartistic Performance - MUK (Wien)
Das weite Land, woher sie kommt / 2019 - a collaboration in the multidisciplinary art Project of Isa Rosenberger – Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Wien)
Hisichtlich der Fragen - / 2017 -Das Off Theater (Vienna)
Poems publication in „Mikan Ve’eylakh“ - 2017-journal for Diasporic Hebrew (Berlin-Paris)
Qing - in collaboration with the artist Simon Wachsmuth / 2016 - steirischer herbst (Graz)
Shirim benogea ladavar / 2016 – A publication of a collection of poems in the israeli literary magasin „moznaim“ (Tel-Aviv)
Wer is Loulou X / 2015 - Corbo (Berlin)
Goldilocks / 2008 - Ballhaus Naunystr. (Berlin)
A Story of Murder / 2007 - Dock 11 (Berlin), Wuk (Vienna), Conservatoire du nord (Luxemburg)
Khalon pour quatre femmes / 2002 - Théâtre Bellone-Brigittines (Brussels), Künstlerhaus (Vienna)
Khalon-solo / 2004 - Irène K. Eupen (Belgium)
Salle d’attentes / 2003 - Mains d’oeuvres (Paris), Schauspielhaus (Vienna)
Choreography for „Artists in Exile“ in "I have a dream"/ 2001 (Riverside studios - London)
Le Temps suspendu / 2000 - Théâtre Bellone-Brigittines (Brussels), Künstlerhaus (Vienna), Théâtre Blanc-Mesnil (Paris) Schauspielhaus (St Pölten-Austria)
Three Sides’ Moon / 1997 - Théâtre La Balsamin (Brussels), „Premier prix“ of „concours des jeunes chorégraphes à Pantin“, 11ème Théâtre (Paris)
Prince-Grenouille / 1997 - Théâtre La Balsamin (Brussels)
La Maison / 1996 - festival Off d’Avignon

Collaborations with other artists
Isa Rosenberg, Simon Wachsmuth, Eni Brandner, Kabinett ad Co - Paul Wenninger (Vienna), Cie Mossoux-Bonté (Brussels), Claudia Bosse- Theatercombinat (Wien), Le Théâtre de B. M. Wälisch (Paris) Tanz*Hotel, Sonnenschein Production, Cie Editta Braun (Vienna-Salzburg)

Josef Nadj, Cie Pina Bausch, Cie Maguy Marin, Michèlle Anne de Mey, La ménagerie de verre (Paris/Brussels), Bat-Dor school (Tel-Aviv) Piano classes with Professor Jonathan Zak (Tel Aviv) Singing classes with Natalia Pschenitschnikova (Berlin)

Loulou Omer loulou.omer@googlemail.com

Regarding art Facebook.com/RegardingArt

Photos: Sivan Shavit
Design and Programming: Drei Wünsche Frei